The Par-Tay Pack

There’s nothing better than a Par-Tay except more Par-Tay.

The Par-Tay Pack is our starter kit. You get four Par-Tay Beverage Holders and More with wind guards and a set of two Par-Tay Tray Brackets to create a complete new entertainment center on your deck!

Par-Tay Tray Brackets

Tray Brackets

Par-Tay Tray Brackets create serving and dining space anywhere on your deck. Just clip the brackets on, adjust them to support any size tray, and you have made a new spot for guests to gather with their food and drinks or a new serving area.

Beverage Holder and More

Par-Tay beverage holders are the best thing to ever hit your deck!

They hold a variety of drink cans, bottles, glasses, candles and candle holders, even small potted plants!. Use them as flat platforms or snap on the wind guard to keep things in place. The wind guards easily snap in and out of the base.